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3d动漫h资源百度云盘 3d动漫h资源百度云盘 ,美女柔术一字马视频 美女柔术一字马视频 ,紫老太婆什么梗 紫老太婆什么梗

3d动漫h资源百度云盘 3d动漫h资源百度云盘 ,美女柔术一字马视频 美女柔术一字马视频 ,紫老太婆什么梗 紫老太婆什么梗

3d动漫h资源百度云盘 3d动漫h资源百度云盘 ,美女柔术一字马视频 美女柔术一字马视频 ,紫老太婆什么梗 紫老太婆什么梗



Max size: 3660x18000mm


Insulated glass (IGU) is an energy-saving glass. It is made of two or more layers of glass, separated by Alu spacer(desciccant filled), sticked with butyl and polysulfide or silicon sealed in the edges. Argon can be filled into the space. Usually used in curtain wall, windows & door.





Energy: the K value of insulated glass is lower than single glass, which can significantly reduce energy consumption;

Security: As a result of double-glazed structure, with higher wind-resisting ability and higher impact resistance, which is particularly suitable for high-rise buildings, coastal buildings, trains and ships.;

Noise performance: windows and doors with insulated glass structure enables outdoor noise from RW-86 DB reduce to RW-45 DB indoor;

Anti-condensation: Low moisture permeability of insulated glass, large difference in temperature indoor and outdoor in winter, the condensation does not occur.


Equipment and Capacity:


We have three fully automatic insulated glass lines (Lisec, Bystronic and Tenon). All three lines have automatic coating-delete machine and vertical sealant packer, which can ensure the product will be in good quality and production efficiency. Our monthly output is 90000m2 for finished IGU glass products.




Bystronic automatic Insulated Glass Line

Lisec automatic Insulated Glass Line

Tenon automatic Insulated Glass Line